Sunganak ™: Independent Roof top site assessment and ROI calculator

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On the other hand, rooftop is a low hanging fruit with a lot of opportunities, it is gaining traction. Indian rooftop market estimated to cross 40 GW by 2022, it is approximately 40 % of the total Solar Target of 100 GW. The major contributor to rooftop segment is the Government of India’s initiative to promote solar on the Government buildings, educations institutes, Housing complex, Industry and Commercial complexes.

The awareness is creating a lot of interest amongst the potential customers, most of the customer require the budgetary quotations and frequent visits for roof assessments. The price sensitive customer decides based on return on investment and fund flow model before the realisation of sale.

The low entry barriers attracts new entrepreneurs and existing business houses, a good opportunity to diversify in the sunrise solar industry. The solar industry still requires skill set and training for installers and business development.

A typical system integrator invests time in site assessment and budgetary quote, SunGanaks is a tool designed to standardize the site assessments and layouts. It will allow the System integrators to invest time on fruitful pursuits for gains.

Sunganak™, The Solar Calculator and system builder can help you calculate your solar energy needs. It is designed to assess area available for installation, power consumption and calculate the return on investment or payback period.

Sunganak will improve and modify the user experience, it is independent platform promoted for the System Integrators and users.

The SunGanak will calculate cost and benefit ratio and advantages of solar installation the number of modules, understand your monthly power generation and calculate the monthly savings. The system will factor region, power requirement, current electricity consumption and the available area for installing a solar system. Sunganak is designed to compliment the efforts, reducing the preliminary site survey, preparing the basic calculations of area available.

Sunganak @glance

Assessment in V2 will be for 5 category users
Housing Complex.
Educational Institutes
Commercial Complexes
Industry/ Sheds/ Ware Houses

Associate for Sunganak
Sunganak is a tool, on System Integrators/ EPC’s website, every EPC will be called “Sunganak Associate”

Solar Integrators and EPC companies need to reach out to the customers, Sunganak will be ideal tool for preliminary assessment of roof-top and calculate ROI
Sunganak presents flexibility to System Integrator / EPC personalised the reports
Associate will have admin rights and access to all the information, routed traffic through his web site.
Associate can assign the site assessment to his employees,
An associate can direct traffic to his site.
All the auto-generated reports will be directly sent to customers from Associate designated email ID
Associate can manage the Admin and mange the leads

Sunganak is designed to be a free site for the users and Associates.

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