SunGanak is a FREE web-based Solar PV System Design application. One has to sign-in to use this web-application. Each user is assigned an account. Fill in the tabs with proper information then check the type of System you want to design. Results for your selection will be showed up with detailed report which contains technical and financial analysis including cost of project, Return on Investment (ROI) & total revenue/savings per year. You can even download the reports.

Why Use SunGanak?

It’s Simple.

It’s fast with important features.

It provides reports for your information and decision making.

It can help you calculate the cost and understand the benefit of going solar.

It’s FREE!!

Who Should Use SunGanak?


Every person interested in solar. A Student, a Teacher, Marketing Guy and even an Engineer who desires to design & estimate a Solar PV System.

Inputs Required

SunGanak needs very basic input data which anyone can provide and you do not have to be a solar expert to collect these data. It helps you design the system by selecting your location, shortlisting the area for solar installation, understanding the existing electricity usage, and by assessing your energy requirements.

Outputs one will get

System capacity, Number of modules, Area required for module installation, Roof area used, system yield per day-month/year, cost of project, yearly savings, Pay Back Period, Return on investment (ROI) etc.

SunGanak – Associate:

  • It is a tool for preliminary site survey and providing a budgetary quotation  for site assessment 
  • SunGanak will give you freedom to focus on the concrete Leeds to increase the sales.
  • It is designed by professionally experienced in the solar field with solid solar industry experience.
  • SunGanak has taken efforts to improve the look and feel while increasing productivity of associates.
  • SunGanak can be used as a tool by all team members and employees for site survey, with instant calculation and reports to enhance the customer confidence.
  • Geo mapping can help in finalization of the installation site.
  • Instant offers can be generated, all the offers includes letter head of the associate for personalized offers and communication.
  • Every associate will have their own admin panels and separate databases.
  • Associate have to add SunGanak logo to their web site, all the visitors accessing website will be registered with the associates.  The Associate Admin will have access to all the information. Associate can delegate the contacts to his team members for follow up.
  • Any user logging in through an associate link will be a part of their database and can be managed from the admin panel.
  • Employee logins can be created from the admin panel for the associate employees.
  • The numbers of users are practically unlimited.

SunGanak User:

  • User will be able to assess the energy requirements.
  • Shortlist the area for solar installation.
  • Understand the existing electricity usage pattern for past 6 months.
  • Designing the system based on roof area required and existing energy consumption pattern.
  • Generate 2 reports with ROI analysis (Detailed Project report & project at a glance)
  • SunGanak is designed for Co-operative Housing societies (CHS), Individual bungalows, corporate towers, Industrial premises, Educational Institute buildings & Commercial Complexes.