The System work on basic principle of generated and consume, there is no storage in the system. The advantage of the system is the no consumable components or replaceable parts in the system. This ensure long trouble free life
In short Generate, Consume or Export surplus power
The area required for a 1 kilo Watts power plant setup is approx. 120 sq. feet with conventional and locally available Poly – Crystalline solar modules. The rooftop installation is linear, i.e. 2 kW will require 240 sq. feet, 10 kW will require 12000 sq. feet and so on
The useful life of a typical Solar Power plant is considered to be 25 years. Solar Panel manufacturers guarantee an output of 90% at the end of 10 years and 80% at the end of 25 years.
The usual benchmark for energy generated from a 1 kW Solar Power plant is considered as 1500 units*. The amount of actual energy generated from a Solar Power Plant in a year depends on both internal and external factors. External factors which are beyond the control of a Solar developer can include the following:

· Number of sunny days
· Solar Irradiation
· Day Temperatures
· Air Mass
· Location

The output depends on the following internal factors all of which are within the control:
· Plant Location
· Quality of equipment used
· Workmanship
· Module Cleaning
· O&M activities
Identifying the Solar Power plant size for your domestic or commercial premises depends on the following factors:
· Wattage of appliances to be run on Solar
· Monthly energy consumption from these appliances
· Energy Backup or Days of Autonomy required
· Roof space available for plant setup
· The power plant sizing can be accordingly done at your end.
· A typical residential household, 3 kWp system will be enough to reduce the utility bills.
The Inverter can be place on the wall, in shade, it can be exposed to Air/ however recommended to keep it in a dry surface
The system is designed to feed the excess generated energy to grid or utility company. Electricity is a state subject; hence each state is formulating policy for net metering. The utility company will charge the consumer the difference between the energy consumed and energy used.
The electronic parts does not require any maintenance, routine module cleaning is required for optimum generation.
Yes, the system is modular and scalable. We can increase the size of the existing solar PV system.