SunGanak is designed for solar energy capacity assessment.

SunGanak allows forecasting the energy requirement in quick and easy steps. SunGanak is designed by a team of professionals with a wide experience in the domain of solar. This is done by encouraging people at large to adopt & use roof top solar power.

SunGanak delivers superior analysis and offers customized solutions. Lack of knowledge is an obstacle in adopting solar technology and SunGanak makes it easy to know the correct solution.Solar PV technology has been around for 50 years and is gradually becoming a worthwhile and cost effective technology for the future.

SunGanak will provide the ideal solution for all your future solar requirements.

Our Goal

  • To provide a common platform for solar roof top owners & installers alike also bridging the two.
  • A solution for solar PV installers for doing technical survey, design & project management
  • A pay back calculator and a return of income becomes much easier and for the benefit of the users.