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The Indian government has made rooftop solar power one of its top clean energy priorities — With a goal of delivering 100 gigawatts of solar power by 2022, out of which 40 gigawatts is for rooftop solar projects.

MNRE’s initiative “Suryamitra” is to encourage and prepare youth for the future of solar industry. Government is promoting solar as a viable form of energy. SunGanak will be a support tool for solar installations and users alike, to understand this opportunity. To create 28,000 Cr opportunities for rooftop solar, every government building and residential buildings will be a part of this growth story. SunGanak will be a bridge to connect the user with the industry.


SunGanak, An Energy Capacity Assessment Tool that allows you to quickly and easily see how much energy your solar project can produce in easy steps. Adopting Solar solution can not only help you SAVE MONEY, but also leads you to an ECO SUSTAINABLE OPPORTUNITY!

SunGanak is specially designed for Cooperative Housing Societies, Individual Bungalows, Corporate Offices, Industry Premises, Educational Institutes, Commercial Complexes and Malls.

SunGanak is available to all, it’s free.
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The SunGanak is provided as an estimating tool for the user to calculate solar power potential. Final layout and design for any solar installation may require more detailed analysis to determine optimum output.

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